Get root canal treatment done with unmatched precision and are virtually painless at our clinic.
Addressing some common doubts regarding the same.

Why would I need an RCT?

  • Once a tooth cannot be saved by a normal filling/restoration your dentist may suggest an RCT.
  • The procedure includes removing the infected part of the pulp in your tooth, carefully cleaning and shaping the inside of the canal, then filling and sealing the space.
  • Afterwards the doctor will place a Crown/Restoration on the tooth to protect and restore full function of the same.

Will I feel pain?

  • With modern techniques and anaesthesia the treatment is virtually painless.
  • For the first few days after the treatment your teeth may feel sensitive especially if there was pain/infection before the procedure.

Will tooth need special care after an RCT?

  • You should not chew or bite on the treated tooth until you have had it restored by your dentist.
  • Unrestored tooth is susceptible to fracture, so you should see your dentist for a full restoration as soon as possible.
  • Otherwise you need only practise good oral hygiene including brushing, flossing, regular check-ups and cleaning

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